Monday, May 24, 2010

Maryland Death Fest 2010

This week, I will be in scenic Baltimore, Maryland for yet another year of Maryland Death Fest. I will not answer any contacts during that time. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Killing Of Satan

I saw this video on Justin Bartlett's blog today. I do remember watching this film when I was a kid. The lead actor, Ramon Revilla, was the Filipino equivalent of Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson in terms of badassness. Those people mutilating themselves in the video are called flagellants and they roam the streets on Good Friday whipping their bleeding backs. It's pretty kvlt and br00tal, if you ask me. Yes, evil Filipino villains used to have really bad porn staches back in the 80's. Filipino B-movies are amazing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Macabre 25th Anniversary Shirt Design

Coming soon.

And oh yeah, if your band wants a killer shirt design, hit me up. I usually do stuff in black and white. Colored prints don't really appeal to me. We'll discuss pricing and such.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Glad I Don't Live In Arizona

I normally don't post a lot because of my busy schedule, but the events of the recent weeks have gotten my blood boiling.

The paranoid, racist state government of Arizona recently passed Arizona state bill 1070, which makes it legal for law enforcement officers to profile anyone who looks like they're an illegal immigrant. Under the already worn out guise of national security, law enforcement officers can further abuse their power and can deport anybody who is perceived to be an undocumented person. I believe this law racially profiles individuals who look like Latinos and it makes one wonder: doesn't this remind anyone of 1930's Nazi Germany?

I came here 9 years ago from the Philippines, but I do have Spanish blood, which makes my lineage stretch over 2 continents. I'm proud to be an immigrant. I came here legally on my own volition and was able to create a meaningful life for myself. The United States is a nation built on immigration, but unfortunately, a lot of racists such as the Tea Bagger party have completely forgotten that their ancestors originally came to North America illegally and later on stole the land from the Native Americans. I'm glad I live in a big city that celebrates the diversity that is created because of all the immigrants that live here. I never look at people if they're legal or illegal: I judge people's characters if they're nice or not. I avoid people who are assholes, but I can get along really well with people if they're cool. Obviously, these teabaggers are sad, brain dead pathetic twerps who live in small towns and need something to pick on because their lives are so dull and boring. The issue of illegal immigration only came up during the middle of the past decade because George W. Bush needed a scapegoat for the obvious futility of his 2 bullshit wars. Immigration law should be reformed, not regressed into the broken shell that it is.

Here is my response to the that new bullshit law: a parody of Raising Arizona titled "Racist Arizona" with the 3 main proponents of this bill, Russell Stewart, Jan Brewer, and most especially that meathead (closet homosexual?) "tough guy" sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In the spirit of punk, print this file out onto a sticker, shirt, anything, and spread it like it's a virus. Make people aware of the racist bullshit going on in Arizona. Join the protests that are happening around the country. It's time to take this country back from the racist shitheads that are ruining it.

Yakuza Listening Party

My bros in Yakuza in conjuction with the Chicago Metal Factory are hosting a free listening party for their new album Of Seismic Consequence on May 20 at Liar's Club. See you there.